YT Global Precision Leader Ltd

Recruitment information

Company benefits:
1. Very competitive salary;
2. All employees participate in the insurance and enjoy various subsidies prescribed by the company;
(For example, from June to September each year, 200 yuan per month for high-temperature subsidies, job allowances ranging from 300-3000 yuan, additional support production line subsidies of 100 yuan/day, 500 yuan per person for the Spring Festival fare subsidies, and 75 yuan for the first-line posts before the Spring Festival. Day and night shift subsidies of 13 yuan/day, performance awards, overproduction awards, environmental allowances, etc.)
3. Monthly seniority award, plus 100 yuan every year to reach the cap of 800 yuan;
4. The company provides free board and lodging, has a separate bathroom, complete with air conditioning, water heaters and other electrical appliances;
5. Basketball courts, table tennis, billiards and other entertainment facilities are open to employees;
6. National legal holidays with pay, according to law enjoy paid annual leave (5 days per year of working year, and so on) 3 days of wedding leave, 3 days of bereavement leave, work injury leave, sick leave, maternity leave;
7. Participate in the training courses of the full system of Yeston;
8. Broad development space and irregular promotion mechanism;
9. Regularly hold various competitions on safety knowledge, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc.;
10. Employee birthday party, barbecue party, Spring Festival party and other employee collective activities;
11. Annual quarterly evaluation of outstanding employees and annual travel;
12. Staff members have 8 days off on a 22-day monthly salary system, 4 days off on a 26-day monthly salary system, and overtime can be adjusted;
13. Employee basic salary standard:
The trial period is 2100 yuan(including 350 yuan for performance allowance),  the regular overtime is 15.09 yuan, the weekend overtime is 20.11 yuan, and the legal holiday is 30.17 yuan;
Changed to 2200 yuan(including 350 yuan for performance allowance), the regular overtime is 15.95 yuan, the weekend overtime is 21.26 yuan, and the legal holiday is 31.89 yuan;