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  • Found in year 2000
    • YT found in Shenzhen and srated with plastic tool business in 2000.
  • Introduced molding business in year 2004
    • As the company development, YT do the business on plastic tool and started different kinds of molding business in 2004, such as ordinary plastic molding, IML(In Mold Labeling), 2-shots molding, insert molding, over molding and so on.
  • Certified ISO 9001:2000 in year 2006
    • Certified ISO 9001:2000 in year 2006
  • YT started assembly business and implemented ERP in year 2008
    • YT started assembly business in 2008, such as ordinary flexible assembly, hot-melting, ultrasonic welding, gluing and so on. At the same time, ERP was introduced to the company and impletemented barcode management and FIFO inventory management accordingly by the system.
  • Factory moved to Dongguan in year 2012
    • After the company moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan, business of the company was developing. Many new processes gradually introduced into YT, such as laser engraving, laser cutting, Acrylic bending, polishing, PMMA CNC machining, hot stamping and so on.
  • YT started painting business in year 2013
    • YT is dedicated to stay on cutting-edge new manufacturing technology to provide customers optimum solutions. And the company constantly working on different kinds of surface treament. So we started the painting business.
  • Setup YING TONG Industry GmbH in year 2016
    • YTGE is mainly responsible for cargoes storaging and transferring, and marketing development and support. As the company developing, we plan to introduce more and more business in YTGE in the future.
  • YT upgraded the ERP system and impletemented electoronic documentation management in year 2017
    • YT upgraded the Epicor ERP system to achieved one system but in multi-language. System about electoronic documentation management has been introduced into the company, which aim at impletement no paper used in the whole company and make a contribution to the environment.
  • Introduce oral products in year 2020
    • YT introduces the research and development of oral products. OEM/ODM manufactures and assembles the electric toothbrush and oral irrigator.
  • Certified ISO 13485:2016 in year 2021
    • Certified ISO 13485:2016 in year 2021
  • YT Poland plant is completed in year 2022
    • YT Poland plant is completed in year 2022
  • Certified ISO45001:2018 in year 2023
    • YT gain ISO45001 certificate.
    • YT pass the supplier guiding principles/human rights policy audit of the Coca-Cola Company in year 2023.
  • Certificate for ISO 13485 has been updated in year 2024
    • Certificate for ISO 13485 has been updated in year 2024.