YT Global Precision Leader Ltd

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  • Since 2000 YT Global Precision Leader Ltd. has been aiming to assist our customers in growing their individual businesses by providing users with quality products. We offer an experienced manufacturing, engineering and customer service staff to provide you with professional help from design concept to finished products.
  • YT Global Precision Leader Ltd. mainly delivers OEM one stop solutions for the world-wide outstanding companies from the multiple industries, designing, processing and manufacturing the plastic precision mold, injected parts, surface treatment and assembled sub-units with a focus on high quality and great service. 
  • Our products are found in medical devices, look a likes and accessories, computer components, automotive parts, household equipments and test instruments. YT Global Precision Leader Ltd. integrates the collaborative strength, offering design and development support of new products to suit the demanding needs of global customers. 
  • Following a period of significant investment in manufacturing and testing equipment, personnel , logistical supply systems and new facility with an area of 35,000 square meters in Dongguan, Guangdong Province to more accurately represent the high level one stop solution, YT is now recognized as one of the world's reliable OEM manufacturers and suppliers of broad range of precision parts and services.  
  • To provide better service to European customers, YT is building a plant in Poland, which is expected to be started at the beginning of 2023.

  • In YT Poland, we have a toolshop with about 200 sqm surface area, and have below capabilities:

    (1) Injection

    (2) Assembly

    (3) Pad printing

    (4) Screen printing

    (5) Surface activation by plasma

    (6) UV stabilization.