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Low Carbon, Better Life - Photovoltaic Power in YT

In recent 2 years, since global electricity consumption keeps increasing, the government advocated enterprises to carry out power rationing which is inconvenient for YT operations.

To release the electricity using pressure, YT plan to use photovoltaic power to reduce carbon emission. In August 2022, YT build a solar photovoltaic power station, which is expected to be finished in October.

Low-carbon, Better Life

The advantage of using solar power is as below:

a.     Solar power is widely distributed on Earth. Wherever there is light, photovoltaic power can be used.

b.    Solar power is environmentally friendly energy. Using photovoltaic power can not only save cost but also reduce carbon emission for the earth. In environment protection, YT set an example for its counterparts.

In 2021, the annual electricity consumption of YT was more than 4 million KW. If we use photovoltaic power, it may save about 700K KWH per year.