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YT organize a blood-donating activity

YT organize a blood-donating activity with Qishi Town on 17th August

Through the several years of fighting with viruses, people are more aware of how precious our life is. To play the demonstrative role of High-Tech enterprise for YT, on 17th August, YT and Qishi Town jointly organize a blood-donating activity.

Comes rain or shine

The members of the Communist Party in YT and YT’s administrative staff join the blood-donating activity actively, which sets a good example for the other staff.

Although the weather is bad on 17th August, YT’s staff mind will not be changed.

During the activity, medical workers conduct the procedure patiently, registering the personal information and make a test for blood. Only the person who has qualified blood can do the donation.

There are some people who are donating for the first time, while most of them have been donating many times. Both of them have the same wish- hope our blood can save more precious lives.